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‘Big Boy’ and ‘Leonardo’ killed

(Sunday, November 21st, 2010)

‘Big Boy’ and ‘Leonardo’ are the names of two of the GPS-collared desert lions living in Namibia under the constant surveillance of animal researchers. These big males fell under the bullets of trophy hunters, even with collars and in a protected area.

It’s a pity, but these hunters will kill anything and anywhere. In this case, this will be a major blow to the small population of desert lions (a specific adaptation of the African lion to dry weather conditions).

Photo: Hunting Ventures

Source: Bush Warriors.

London Lions

(Sunday, November 14th, 2010)

London is a city marked by centuries of colonization when Britons crossed the planet and brought back memories of the conquered countries including many representations of lions (both from Africa and from Asia). London kept it as innumerable statues celebrating the King of the Animals.

Londonist has a map of all these attractions sometimes dating back much further in time: Lionist.

Via Neatorama.


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