For the love of cats, big cats!

There is no limit to true love. Riana Van Nieuwenhuizen truly loves cats: She has got eleven (11!) of them in her South African house.

Nothing really remarquable, except the cats are:

  • Four cheetahs
  • Five white lions
  • Two tigers

…and I don’t count the dogs.

This is love, big lvoe!



Riana tries to help in protecting those endangered species, since 2006 when she adopted her first cheetah, Fiela.

Last but not least, remember that wild animals are still wild animals, even when they are perfectly integrated in a family. In this case, they also have a lot of free space, which must contribute a lot to the overall stability of this adventure.

Source: Daily Mail.

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One Response to “For the love of cats, big cats!”

  1. Reyes Kagy Says:

    Awesome photos! I appreciate the post so much! xoxo


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