Hey! snow leopard! It’s time to sleep

(March 6th, 2014)

When it’s time for bed for the snow leopard and the camera is here to capture the moment:

Friendly battle with the lions

(February 16th, 2014)

Kevin Richardson is well known for his success in approching lions enough to share games with them like if they were big kittens (obviously very big, too). This time, with the help of a portable video camera on his head, you will be able to experience some of what is happenning to him when a big male lion runs to him.

Listen to Kevin explaining that the back of the ears have the smoothest fur.

Then, you’ll also be able to admire spotted hyena friend of Kevin (they aren’t cats, but they are much nicer than what you’d believe).

And remember what Kevin says at the end: “If we carry on along the same path, we’ll not see lions in twenty years”.

Is it really necessary to mention that you should not try this with lions not from your own home?

21 gorgeous photos of lions

(January 1st, 2014)

Most of these photos (from LightStalking) are taken in zoos, but they look gorgeous anyway.

Happy new year to all big cat lovers.

My GoPro against the cheetah

(December 11th, 2013)

That should be the title of this video where a wild cheetah goes exploring this weird object left by a wildlife videographer: a GoPro camera.

You wouldn’t expect a cheetah to be so cute.

Tiger drawn with a ball pen

(March 29th, 2012)

Sarah Esteje has made pretty impressive drawings using only a cheap ball pen. Like this tiger.


Tiger - Copyright Sarah Esteje


(March 19th, 2012)

Robert Brandenburg has hijacked some mass-production paintings to make them look differently by the mere addition of unexpected elements.

Robert Brandenburg

An old lion

(March 9th, 2012)

Felis Leo

Felis Leo - Johann Matthäus Bechstein

A picture from the 8-volume series by Johann Bechstein, ‘Getreue Abbildungen Naturhistorischer Gegenstände’ (Realistic Pictures from Natural History), issued between 1795 and 1807. Seven of those volumes are available from the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. (click through on a volume – band – then on anything below ‘Inhalt’, and then on ‘Vorschau’ for thumbnail pages.)

Bechstein books

Via BilbiOdyssey.

Taking a lion for a ride

(February 29th, 2012)

With a good video of a lion ride a “wall of death.”

Desertification kills 6000 species per year

(February 19th, 2012)

desertification kills leopards

A very nice looking poster for a WWF campaign against desertification. With a leopard.

30min video about Amur Leopard

(December 26th, 2011)

A beautiful Russian documentairy video (translated into English) about the Amur Leopard, certainly the leopard species most clearly endagered by the very small number of animals left in the wild (in 1972, it was evaluated that their number was below 40 animals).

YouTube link

more recently, thanks to scientific studies organized by ALTA – Amur Leopard Conservation, it has been shown that their number may be growing very slowly again.

Panthera pardus orientalis Critically Endangered according to the IUCN.


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